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Blueband – 250 gr (8.8. oz) ( Mohon Baca Diskripsi )


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Blueband – 250 gr (8.8. oz)

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* All frozen items are intended to be for delivery only so we can keep it frozen when you receive it. If you still want us to ship it then WE WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE for any damage or spoiled when you receive it and no refund/return can be made.

** This is also applied for the items that can be melted during summer hot months (such as bueband, wysman, chocolates, etc) and for the items that their bags can be expanded (such as Kusuka, Taro, Qtella, etc).

** After we ship your order, we do not have control on the shipping carries (UPS, USPS, Fedex, etc), so we don’t guarantee the time when you will receive your order. It is not our responsible if there is a delay on the shipping and we DO NOT issue any refund/compensation because of it. Also we do not have ability to change the delivery date and time after your order has been shipped, so please contact the carrier if you want to do so. The tracking number will be automatically sent to customer’s email once the shipping label is created, so no need to request one.


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