Term & Conditions

ALL SALES ARE FINAL (NO RETURN OR REFUND), UNLESS THE MISTAKE IS FROM OUR SIDE (with a valid proof and we will either refund for the missing items or resend them on your next order and please contact us within 3 days after the order is delivered with your order information). 

You can cancel an order before we purchase the shipping label, but keep in mind that we won’t return the Paypal’s fee (if you pay by paypal, credit card or debit card (they all are processed by Paypal)), since PAYPAL DOES NOT RETURN THE FEE EVENTHOUGH THE ORDER IS CANCELLED.

If the package is returned to us because of the customer mistake (provided incorrect/incomplete address) or due to the customs restriction or other reasons then customer SHOULD responsible to pay ALL THE FEES INVOLVED, including but not limited to the original & return shipping costs and broken/spoiled items during shipping.

Some items have their expiration dates on the Description tab especially the ones that are On Sales so please READ THE DESCRIPTION before adding it to your cart because we will not issue any return/refund if you fail to do so. We do not check/offer every single item’s expiration date for any order and we will not guaranty if all of them have their expiration dates for certain amount of times, but we do not send you the items that already expired though. Just FYI, few of the items we received from the distributors have expiration date less than 3 months, which the nature of those items.

Please keep in mind that we do not take nor update the pictures of each items on our website everytime we receive the products eventhough the products we receive sometimes are slightly different than the one we have on our website, for example the product’s color, the picture on the box, etc, eventhough they are actually the same products.

All frozen items are intended to be for delivery only so we can keep it frozen when you receive it. If you still want us to ship it to you then WE WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE for any damage or spoiled when you receive it and no refund/return can be made. This is also applied for the items that can be melted during summer hot months (such as bueband, wysman, chocolates, etc) and for the items that their bag can be expanded (such as Kusuka, Qtella, etc).

After we ship your order, we do not have control on the shipping carries (UPS, USPS, Fedex, etc), so we don’t guaranty the time when you will receive your order. It is not our responsible if there is a delay on the shipping and we DO NOT issue any refund because of it. And if you receive incorrect or broken items, you should send us a valid proof (i.e. video) when you’re opening the box, and we will not issue any refund if there is no video proof, so we encourage you to TAKE VIDEO WHEN YOU’RE OPENING THE BOX. And also after we shipped your order, we cannot change the delivery date and time, so please contact the carrier if you want to do so.